Assistentti.info is a nationwide network for personal assistance.

Goal of the network is to affect in a way that personal assistance will be put into good practice, by additional information and increased knowledge. Network works to strengthen awareness and knowledge of personal assistance and its possibilities and challenges by informing, giving advice, organizing training courses and producing material.

Assistentti.info is an open network. The network has 80 members. All who someway operate in the area of personal assistance, projects, organizations, municipalities or other operators, can join to the network.


You can join to the network by sending a written request to Coordinator Susanna Haapala, susanna@assistentti.info. In connection with the request, you can also make a note of what kind of expectations and desires you have towards the network.

A prerequisite for joining the network is that anyone who wishes to join is interested in developing personal assistance and that they respect and follow ideologies of personal assistance and the principle of autonomy. The network also provides an opportunity to improve in these areas.

Personal assistance requires using the knowledge and abilities of many different parties. It is an advantage to develop them through collaboration of a network.
The network members are given the opportunity to work on three levels and three different forums.

They consist of:

  • The delegation of the network (everyone is welcome to participate) (linkki neuvottelukuntaan)
  • Work committee (limited number, members are elected) (linkki työvaliokuntaan)
  • Sections (divided by subject areas, everyone is welcome to participate) (linkki jaostoihin)


Education is an important part of Assistentti.info's activities. The goal of the network can be reached by education. Educational courses are also organized in co-operation with other parties (linkki koulutuksiin).

Personal assistance

The purpose of personal assistance is that a person with severe disability gets help in order to live an independent life.

The personal assistant does not decide upon the person who he or she is assisting but the personal assistant performs the tasks that the person with a severe disability would have done, but is not able to because of illness or disability. Personal assistance can be used both at home and outside of the home.

Persons who meet the requirements which the law imposes for personal assistance have the subjective right to the service. No diagnosis is excluded. The disabled person’s functional ability is crucial for the need of assistance.

Personal assistance is a free service for those who it is granted to.

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